Doing better in 2018

While this has mostly been a happy year for me full of garden visits, gardens and weddings, it has also been a year when all the blog posts, journal jottings and photographs of things I had wanted to share here began queuing up and arguing with each other in the dark rather than coming dancing on to the stage.

I have SO MUCH I had wanted to write about – rare trees, special benches, sea shanties, garden jewels, history gems – but maybe they are just taking their time, rummaging around in the compost heap so they can shine later!

So as Christmas comes, and 2017 closes its curtains, here’s perhaps my favourite gardeny-related photos for you… a converted ambulance selling plants and Christmas trees. An emergency relief vehicle if there ever was one.

plant ambulance.JPG

And while we’re on lost … posts, thoughts, opportunities to share… here’s a poem on lost gardens. I’m grateful for the poetry magazine, The Rialto, for publishing it.

Reading a book on lost gardens
Sarah Salway

Endlessly sunny, with trees a line of dots
like small boys’ knees in an old school photo

so I read it in the same way, a fascination
in the butterfly-pinned moment.

I stroke black and white grass, pick fruit
with my finger and thumb from walled gardens,

trace the serpentine walks I’d take, my full skirt
brushing at the knots until the scent of box

releases, each path could be a wish or a regret.
Can photographs be capable of happiness?

Because as I turn the page I see an open gate
beckoning to the future, and I bend with jealousy

at how they’ll never watch each other grow old
or laugh at all that time left for flourishing.

I hope to see more of you in 2018! Thank you for staying around, and also for those of you who keep a blog for all your beautiful words. I do enjoy reading everyone else!