Visit A Garden


Here are links to most of my write-ups of the gardens I visited so you can join me on an online tour. And because, of course, nothing beats spending real time in a garden, on each page, links are given to their websites for opening times, directions etc. The If you do visit, then let me know what you think – and especially if you’re inspired to write something too.

NB: A growing selection of London parks and gardens can be found here

* Bishops Palace Garden, Chichester

* Marle Place, Kent

* Red House, Bexleyheath

* Chartwell, Kent

* Monk’s House, Sussex

* Finchcocks, Kent

* Marle Place, Kent

* The Homewood, Surrey

* Kirkharle, Northumberland

* Tudeley, Kent

* Greyfriars, Canterbury

* Down House, Kent

* Brogdale, National Fruit Collection, Kent

* Chilham Castle, Kent

* The Franciscan Gardens, Canterbury

* St John’s Jerusalem, Sutton-at-Hone, Kent

* Dungeness, Kent

* Canterbury Cathedral, Kent

* Margate Shell Grotto, Kent

* The Secret Gardens of Sandwich, Kent

* Knole, Kent

* Rosherville Gardens, Gravesham, Kent

* The Grove, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

* Seeds, a poem with links to most gardens!

* Dane John Gardens, Canterbury, Kent

* Howick Hall, Northumberland

* Cragside, Northumberland

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