Chelsea Fringe – Cake in the Garden…

Well, I’ve come to the end of (almost) daily posts but haven’t come to the end of all the London gardens so I will be posting more on here. Slowly though. And will be collating them all under the London Garden tab on this website. It’s been yummy, a piece of cake, the cherry on my gardening cupcake…


I could go on, but this is actually a very clumsy segue into my contribution to Veg Plotting’s wonderful Bloggers Cut event – where garden bloggers share their ‘cake and garden’ moments. So I thought I would make a garden cake. And to celebrate an article about my mum, Elizabeth Peplow, which has just appeared in Herbs Magazine, I decided to make a herb garden cake.


Thyme and rosemary and chocolate… yes! (I left the lavender out from the recipe because of personal taste and I don’t think it loses anything)


Topped with ricotta and honey and even more herbs… although one cake wanted to grow its own herb garden on top…


It’s a tribute to Mum’s herb wheels, I think… here’s one of the photographs from the magazine. She looks so young here!


And to top it off a cup of herb tea (from one of the Otter Farm plants I’ve just got for my new ‘tea garden’).


Here’s a poem to enjoy with it… all about Mum’s and chocolate cake which seems appropriate. It’s by the definitely-not-just-for-kids Michael Rosen.

Thanks for all your nice comments and messages during this tour – and to finish, I invite you to write about cake, or even just enjoy a slice for yourself! You can see some lovely posts over at Veg Plotting! Thanks to Michelle for setting this up, and sorry to be late to the party. No need for you to be though, you can still enjoy one last weekend of the Chelsea Fringe.

Roll on next year!

7 thoughts on “Chelsea Fringe – Cake in the Garden…

  1. I’ve really enjoyed discovering some completely unknown places in London on your tour. It’s been a real treat.

    Another treat is your chosen cake – chocolate’s my favourite. Our favourite recipe has a secret ingredient: mayonnaise. I haven’t made one containing herbs before and I’m intrigued by yours 🙂

    My gardens and cake continued post Bloggers’ Cut with visits to The Courts here in Wiltshire (showing a party of Americans around who were on a garden tour) then with friends at Sudeley Castle a couple of days later. The Courts particularly reminded me of your tour for the Fringe because a couple of years ago they had a poetry trail around the garden. That’s how I discovered the wonderful poem ‘Atlas’ by UA Fanthorpe. It describes my relationship with my husband perfectly 🙂

    Thanks for taking the trouble to have a detour and include the Bloggers’ Cut within your Fringe itinerary!

  2. A fantastic few weeks, thanks for sharing such a fabulous feast for all the senses. I love herb food – basil ice cream is our family favourite. Would love to see that article to read properly.

    • I tasted some at a Sarah Raven study day I went to in March. Once I’d got over the comparison with pesto, it was surprisingly good!

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