DIgging Up the Pantiles

Forget Potatoes, People and Poetry – it was Books, Bunting and Busking in the Pantiles this week for the signing of Digging Up Paradise at Gardener and Cook. As £4 for every book sold was going to SpotlightYOPD, a new charity aimed at raising awareness, support and advice for younger people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, it was particularly gratifying to have signed over 60 books in that one evening.

We were lucky with the weather and so could spill out into the Pantiles where I did my reading (hence the busking). It was the first of many ‘garden’ outings, I hope, for the book. Here’s a flavour of the evening…






anna reading

Jane and lizzie

jo and friend

Kate, nick and liam

marian and friend

me reading

mo looking

neil, jinny, and penny

Sarah and will

sarah, alison and sue

sarah, nick and liam


the cultured llama teamUp

6 thoughts on “DIgging Up the Pantiles

  1. How fun! I so wish I’d been there. A lovely bunch of people, and beautiful as always Sarah. Thrilling that the book is out in the world!

  2. Your book has a beautiful cover and clever title. I clicked to learn more. Good luck on the sale and it was nice of you to participate in the support for Parkinson’s Disease. The PDF took time to open, but the Shell Grotto is a beautiful structure. The words in Mystery, so descriptive. Takes me to a place of which I wanted to know more.

  3. Came across your site – and book – whilst looking up green spaces to visit whilst in Canterbury next month. And spent far too long browsing your site 🙂 I love the history you have discovered about the gardens and love your poems too – I think I shall have to buy your book, even though I promised myself that I would not buy ANY MORE books about gardens!!
    Jude (a gardener without a garden) xx

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