Digging Up Paradise… an ‘Eden of a book’

I had thought that Digging Up Paradise might just be a summer book, so what a treat to have two new reviews this week – all talking about reading it in Autumn.

First of all, a huge thanks to Rosie Johnston from The London Grip who said:

Beside an autumn fire while winds and rain tear up the garden outside, this book is pure joy. I look forward to taking it in the bike basket around Kent in the summer too. It is Salway’s gift for poetic prose that haunts the heart most of all. The harpsichord in Finchcocks Musical Museum in Goudhurst for example has been specially built (Salway writes) so the music can only be heard by the person playing it. I took this thought with me into the garden afterwards as I sat on a bench against one of the ivy covered walls and watched the light making silent songs with shadows on the grass.


And she calls it ‘an Eden of a book’.

I love that!

And also a big thank you to Clare Law from Three Beautiful Things, who reviews it here, and says:

“Sarah’s meditative walks and patient observations have produced something fresh and fascinating that will continue to delight me for a long time to come.”



Now we’ve passed Halloween and even Bonfire night, is this the right time to say that Digging Up Paradise might be a perfect present for Christmas?

Oh go on then.

So just in case you have a garden/poetry lover in your family and this might sound just right gift for them, I’m very happy to sign a dedication to whoever you would like. Just get in touch with me via the comments or my email – sarahsalway@gmail.com. Copies will cost £14.50, (including – nice – postage and packing!).

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