Chatto-ing to myself in the rain… at Beth Chatto’s Garden


It was never going to be possible for me to visit Colchester and not fit in a trip to Beth Chatto’s garden, but to be honest the constant rain finally pushed my patient husband a little too far. Never mind, there was a cafe for him, and I trudged round happily – even if I did catch myself pointing out things like these ‘nobbly knees’ above (part of the root system of the Cypress Tree).. to myself!  How we laughed, me and me… and then we saw a plant in need of a haircut, chortle chortle..


Because there may be certain people who say you have to be mad about gardens to enjoy them in the rain. However, I wanted to check whether it really was a garden that looked beautiful in all weathers and in all seasons. Look, see for yourself…

I was trying to work out what put this garden above a normal display of – very early – spring flowers, and then – to myself – blurted out HELLEBORES!

Of course. So modest and hopeful, they gave a necessary softness to the daffodils and snowdrops. I’m definitely copying this one.


I’d love to go back in the summer, in fact at all seasons! There’s so much to explore here, and it is a joy to go to a garden of this quality that doesn’t preserve itself in aspic but is constantly exploring new ideas…


And isn’t too precious to admit it doesn’t know everything…


And it was interesting to see a connection with another garden, Great Dixter, that does both of these things above.


I bought the book of letters between Beth Chatto and Christopher Lloyd, Dear Friend and Gardener, to read later. Perhaps in front of a fire, with a nice drink of strawberry beer, to remember this beautiful plant, Midwinter Fire…

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