Beekeeper in the Garden


And inside the hive
a baby soothed by the whir
of wings as fragile


as honesty leaves, how
warm honey pulses
through flower veins


to the sticky sweet nest,
dripping through fur
as drones search on


mouths open
hungry for nectar


My friend (and sometimes artistic collaborator) Ellen Montelius let me spend an afternoon with her bees recently so I could see the magic first-hand. As well as being an amazing photographer, Ellen is a beekeeper and the Apiary Manager of our local beekeeping group in Tunbridge Wells. That’s her honey above, and very special it is too. And if you want to encourage bees in YOUR garden, then the Royal Horticultural Society have some useful information (including a list of plants that attract bees) here.

PLUS… this is an entirely true bee-themed History of Maps created by the Tiny Circus arts project I was lucky enough to be involved with … Enjoy!