A garden poem for meditation – walking in Stand Wood above Chatsworth House

We were too early to get into Chatsworth House so walked up to the Hunting Tower in Stand Wood while we waited. It was as if we’d wandered into a magic kingdom, and I suddenly realised how many times I’d walked here before in my imagination during meditation visualisations. Here’s the poem that came from it – and a video to enjoy at the end…


And then Imagine a safe space

Even when they say beach, I’m here:
a messy set of steps, rocks,
the sound of water, and always trees,
their roots clambering
to hug the landscape, the touch
of moss on bark, branches entwining
and above, light filtering through leaves.

I’ve been here when I can barely listen
for crying, when I want to punch
that calm voice telling me to breathe,
and even those times feeling so helpless
that pressing play has been impossible
but still within minutes, I’m there,
this place I dreamt up in my imagination

and yet today, I walked inside it,
you’re here, you’re safe, and best of all
I could walk out of it knowing next time
I shut my eyes, it’ll be waiting,
this grove deep inside me, my body shifting
to make room for it, heart growing.


And now I’m interested – where do YOU go when you meditate?

7 thoughts on “A garden poem for meditation – walking in Stand Wood above Chatsworth House

  1. Simply beautiful Sarah. I’m in the process of creating my own mindful walk in my own garden based on one I found at a National Trust property in Lancashire last year. In time, it’ll be my garden I’ll go to no matter how far away I am from it.

  2. Hello Kim

    I receive this every month. I particularly liked this month’s so thought I’d  send it to you. I thought of you as it mentions the breath and meditation..

    I didn’t realize, but I sent the email including the attachments to recycling in error. Now I can’t open the attachments and wondered if you would mind sending to me again. Thanks Kim

    Love Frances xx

    Sent from my hudl

  3. You know, of all the places I’ve visited, I’ve not kept one of them in mind as a place to head to mentally, when I need to escape. But, when I cast my mind around all those special places I’ve visited, many of them are woodland based, featuring trees. Fascinating! I’ll think on…
    Great post by the way, very thought provoking.

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